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Fall Of Man

Fall Of Man


Deep in the midst of Eden’s splendor,
Asleep in quiescence still and calm,
Yet innocent still sweet and tender,
Slept the maiden on a bed of palm.

Resting in the shade of noon,
Lulled into slumber by the song,
That the garden fowl did croon,
Dreaming dreams of neither right nor wrong.

Free from the care of want or need,
Lacking desire of passion or pride,
Untarnished by a sinful deed,
And without cause to steal or lie.

Provided for with paradise,
Supplied to her by the divine,
Made in that image with skill precise,
Given boundless things on which to dine.

In that grove of bliss there yet did grow,
A tree evil even to its roots,
And unto him that would eat thereof woe,
For each branch brought forth forbidden fruits.

And banned were they its touch to feel,
Neither could they its fruit consume,
Else the knowledge of good and evil be revealed,
And lead them utterly to doom.

The wicked one in snakes scales guised,
Then did so quietly draw near,
Unto the sleeping maidens’ side,
And whispered softly in her ear.

He tempted her with forked tongue,
He beguiled her with impious lies,
Yet on his every word she hung,
His deceit too lovely to deny.

When she had seen the fruit was good,
She fled the sight of that old louse,
Blind with new

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