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Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero

I stare at the casket; draped with the nation’s cloth,
Momentarily startled; as the guns go off.
Another fallen soldier; being laid to rest,
Struggling to breathe; for a tightness in my chest.

The bugler so smooth; as he hits every note,
Hard to swallow; for the lump in my throat.
Tears fall like rain; as I look to the sky,
No matter how many times it repeats; taps still makes me cry.

The bugle now silent; as we pray for the dead,
I gather myself; as I bow down my head.
Lord bless these heroes; who have given their lives,
Comfort their children; their husbands and wives.

Let us not forget; they have given their all,
Let the bugle be silent; let no more soldiers fall.

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