Poems about Mom and Dad

“I don’t care rn how poor a man is;  if he has family, he’s rich."  This family rn quote realizes how precious family is.  Family poems express rn everything about who we are due to the influence of our families rn in our lives.  Family is the ground works of what has made us rn who we are.  Family plays a big role in our personality, ethics, rn and social networking and is obvious in family poetry.  Many rn times inspiration can be found in family stories told through rn family poems.rn

Family is a pivotal part of everyone’s life rn and is proven in family poems.  The family quote by Benjamin rn Disraeli reaffirms family’s importance with this:  “No success rn in public life can compensate for failure in the home."  rn Families grow and move through life and oftenrn holiday poems sharing rn memories of one’s family during holidays.  Family values are rn important and often shown in poetry.  Family offers hope for rn real security in a stressful world.rn

 The global family is equally important as rn implied in Sara Paddinson’s family quote, “We are one big family rn of people, trying to make our way through the unfolding puzzle rn of life.  We are all connected to one another in the heart."  rn Family poems can be expanded to rn friendship poems and love poems rn and go beyond anymore one has an affinity to another.rn

 Family poems preserve family memories and rn share stories of a lost loved one in the family.  Many times rn death poems will speak of how the family cope with a resent rn loss and family proves central to helping with the recovery of rn many tragedy that happen in one’s life. rnrn

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