Family Poetry- Mother and Father, Brother and Sisters

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rnFamily Quotes


"There's one sad truth in life I've found,rnWhile journeying east and west
rnThe only folks we really wound,rnAre those we love the best.
rnWe flatter those we scarcely know,rnWe please the fleeting guest,
rnAnd deal full many a thoughtless blow,rnTo those who love us best."
rn~Ella Wheeler Wilcoxrn

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family"
rn~Thomas Jeffersonrn

"A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands.  But a mother's love endures through all"
rn~Washington Irvingrn rn

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