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Family Ties

Family Ties

You fake, you liar, you hypocrite,
I hate you, this I admit.

The way you posture and pretend to be strong,
In search of ‘truth’ and ‘redemption’ gone wrong.

Running far from the ones who needed you near,
Your family, your flesh, drowned in fear.

I hate your presence, it’s an untruthful smile,
A trick that fools everyone for a while.

A weak man you are, even with your charm,
Your absence causes the most harm.

When you’re not with us, everything falls apart,
Watching Mother slowly die, it breaks my heart.

It’s you she’s dying for, don’t you see?
Her love for you, it kills me.

Those sympathy-filled eyes when you used to look at me,
“I’m sorry, I failed you,” they’d silently plea.

I think I loved you once, it’s true,
But that love died, and turned to hue.

I remember your strong shoulders that held me high,
Never did I fall, not when we’d fly.

The feeling of wind brushing past my cheeks,
Moments of clarity amid life’s mystique.

Your heart once so close, now far and distant,
A love-turned-hate, so consistent.

I hate you, Father, it’s true,
Yet, against my will, I miss you.

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