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Farmers’ Wives

Farmers' Wives

In loving memory of my Mama, Doris Modlin:: 7/12/1920 – 4/26/2005 ‘ by Church E. Modlin, Jr.

Farmers’ Wives

Give honor to the farmers’ wives, oh what a special breed!
They work the fields beside their mate and meet their family’s needs.

Cooking breakfast (what a spread!) before the rooster’s crowed.
They clean the house and wash the clothes; oh what a heavy load!

Bear the babies and raise the kids—still in the fields they toil.
Back to the house, and just in time, to bake and fry and boil.

Do all the shopping for clothes and food (on her they all depend).
So many things to fill each day; seems work will never end.

How do I know, you ask me, these things that make a gem?
Because I have lived through it—my mother’s one of them!

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