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Fighting For

Fighting For

Sometimes I can’t decide if I love you or hate you,
Once believed you could make my dreams come true.
You hurt me so bad but I always stayed,
Thinking it would all be worth it, I prayed.

Told myself all the time, to be strong and quit,
But I’m not a quitter, I fight for what I want, bit by bit.
When I no longer want, I look for what I need,
But my life’s in a knot, a tangled seed.

I need to untie myself from you, need to move on,
The moment you left, you looked back and I was gone.
You thought I was going to chase you, but you were wrong,
Here’s your goodbye, live your life, it’s going to be long.

Let our date rest in its grave,
Because I’m glad it’s over, and I was brave.

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