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For Michelle

For Michelle

You probably don’t see it like I do,
but I’ll do my best to show you.
This may come out weird,
but I don’t care,
because what’s in my heart,
is what I want to share.
On Mother’s Day every year,
I’m sure you’ve shed a few tears,
but you don’t have to,
I’ll take care of your fears.
Having a child does not make you a mom,
but showing help, support, and love,
and caring when something goes wrong.
That’s exactly what you’ve done for me,
you’ve helped me more than anyone can see.
Word’s can’t explain it,
all that you’ve done,
and I can’t thank you enough,
because I guess you’re the one.
I hope this makes you swell with pride,
to have me here right by your side.
I’m always your girl,
your one and only,
and with me here,
you won’t be too lonely.
To you a child has been sent,
and it’s probably not what you thought,
but maybe it’s part of a plan,
a lesson that’ll be taught.
I love you so much,
like a second mom,
because you’ve treated me like your own,
and I hope you’ll keep me close,
even when I’m grown.
Thank you so much,
for being so sweet,
I’m happy you’re here,
and I’m glad we got to meet.
I’ll always keep you close to my heart,
because I’ve kept you a very special part.

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