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Girl That I Pretend To Be

Girl That I Pretend To Be

Look me in the eye, don’t walk away,
Say all the things you want to say.
Don’t lie to me, don’t pretend,
To be interested in the end.

In the person I have to be,
The girl outside for all to see.
She is so much stronger,
Than the girl inside can’t hold on much longer.

The girl outside might just be a fake,
Inside, I’m about to break.
So weak inside, but it’ll never show,
Only reflected in scars, I know.

Everyone’s telling me, “don’t do this and don’t do that”,
I need to break apart from this image that’s flat.
An image I’ve made that everyone sees,
I just need someone to believe.

Believe that I can overcome;
These things that drag me down, they’ve begun.
Make me want to die,
So now the only question is, is this really goodbye?

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