Understanding How Grammar in Poetry Works

Understanding How Grammar in Poetry Works

Do you want to write a love poem? Maybe you want to write a silly poem for a friend or even a pet? No matter what type of poetry you may be interested in writing, grammar in poetry is an important concept that deserves to be explored further.

First, understand a poem is a compilation of words, but there is so much more than words. There is also how the words are used. Misspelling a word can have as much meaning as the word properly spelled. The same goes for grammar in poetry. Simply stated – the normal rules of grammar do not apply in poetry.

The grammar in poetry depends on the beat, the meter, and the rhythm of your own self. However, you have to show consistency. If you are going to rhyme, rhyme completely. If you are going to use fragmented sentences, use all fragmented sentences. If you are going to use single words, use single words throughout. If you use some punctuation, use correct punctuation through the whole poem.

Consistency in your grammar, no matter the style of grammar you use, will provide a piece of poetry easily and smoothly read by your audience. The League of American Poets has many examples of various grammar styles you may adopt as your own.

Grammar in poetry can determine a mood or a feeling. Saying “run" is going to mean more than “he ran". One is a passive feeling while the other is more an action feeling. If you are going to have a love poem, for instance, you may find a smooth pattern will have a more positive response than a jumpy or rough pattern. How you use your grammar will help the poet lead the direction of the target audience.

When you get stuck, investigate the benefits of other poets by visiting PoetryAmerica.com. You will discover there are many styles for you to choose from, and no single poetry or poem style is perfect for everyone or every occasion.

Grammar in poetry is probably as important as the spelling, and as long as there is a constant consistency, no one usage of grammar can be deemed inappropriate or appropriate. When you write any poetry, especially a romantic poem / poetry, remember just do what feels right to you. There is no right or wrong in poetry, but the smoother a piece of poetry sounds, the more likely it will affect the readers.

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