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He Speaks

He Speaks

Listen carefully to the Grandeur of His voice.
It rolls across the heavens, a natural force.
Roaring thunder and flashing lighting.
Its awesome sound can be oh so fighting.

Yet the way He speaks is incredibility unique,
for in the mist of the fury he displays his glory.
His breath sends the ice and freezing rain,
no one can truly comprehend the power He restrains.

When He simply breaths in and out,
the clouds immediately move about.
The rumbling that comes from His mouth.
Culminates into one tremendous shout.

Capable of putting all the lights out.
But if it be his will,
He’ll whisper and command everything to stand still.
And for those who refuse to listen.

He’ll spit
a strategic crack of lighting, to get your attention.
Then you won’t have to wonder.
Your know its God speaking in the claps of thunder.

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