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Her Last Wish

Her Last Wish

Kind words they speak, but what do they mean?
Smiles on their faces but worry beneath.
White ceiling above and four barren walls;
A bible to read but no one to call.

A family surrounds but Oh, what a burden!
They never expected to take care of mother.
She mended their clothes, put food on the table.
All was for them while she was able.

Now still she lays, prays for relief,
Of pain and of heartache, freedom she seeks.
They listen so sweetly to every complaint,
From trips to the doctor, her granddaughter’s a saint.

They complete every task because it’s their duty,
Begin to believe care’s lost all its beauty.
To run and to walk at her beck and call,
Sometimes they wish they were done with it all.

They can not know the pain that she feels,
And one little wish, unfulfilled, it still reels.
She wishes that she could get out of this bed,
To be rid of sickness, of pain and of dread.

To walk and to run, and dinner prepare,
To be like she was and treat THEM with care.

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