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He’s Abusing You

He's Abusing You

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Why is your man abusing you
Long stemmed flowers,
And a card to match
Sweet soothing words,
For another sudden dispatch
Elegant gifts
He spent half his paycheck on
It seems like one minute he cares
And the next he’s gone

Loud vicious screaming
You have done something else wrong
Patronized force
He has gotten so strong
Wild punches
Gashes of blood
You hear nothing
But each powerful thud
He tells you he loves you
As he cries on your shoulder
He’s sorry that he hurt you
But its to late now your black and blue

From each deranged attack
Your latest pummel
Was only a smack
The next time will be worse
His angers are too strong
But he’s already convinced you
That with him is where you belong

So you will stand here and take it
Until death does you part
Because you’ve been brought to believe
He really loves you somewhere in his heart

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