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Hey Ma There Is Something Under My Bed

Hey Ma There Is Something Under My Bed

This one I hear it at night,
When I turn out the light.
It is the creature, who’s under my bed,
He won’t go away, he is determined to stay,
But I wish he would beat it instead.

I told him to go, but he shook his head no.
He’s worse than an unwelcome guest.
I gave him a nudge, but he still wouldn’t budge,
It was hard to get rid of the pest.

Then I fired one hundred round cannon balls,
Plundered by pirate ships sailing the seas.
But he caught them barehanded, and quickly grandstanded,
By juggling them as nice as you please.

This creature was slick, he was clever and quick,
So, this called for a drastic maneuver.
With the roar of my mother’s new Hoover,
Under the bed, myself, I would eagerly hand over.

He snorted his nose,
Sucked in the long hose,
The canister, cord, and the plug.
He vacuumed the dust till I thought he would bust,
And blew it all over the rug.

This made me really sore, so I cried “this is war!”
Sent a contingent of fleas,
An army of ants in camouflage pants,
Closely followed, by big killer bees.

He welcomed them with a sly grin,
Ate them down with crackers and cheese.
So I screamed, “that’s enough, it is time to get tough,
You asked for it

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