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rn Holiday poems rn are filled with treasured memories withrn family andrn friends. rn Funny poetry can be found in rn them too, and love stories unfold through holidays where lovers, rn family, and friends gather together for the common cause of rn enjoying a cultural or religious event. rn Love poems often talk about rn holidays spent between lovers and holiday poems offer a laugh or rn a soft memory of our closest that we love.  But the best way to rn look at life is with this holiday quote. “Celebrate the rn happiness that friends are always giving, make everyday a rn holiday and celebrate just living!"rn

Holidays are to be cherished with family rn and friends.  Holiday poems are ways to share with those rn we care for can appreciate what we have in them as rn family and friends during the holidays. rn Family poems often are rn holiday based themed and rn friendship poems can embark on past stories on rn holidays spent with each other.  The holidays bring rn lovers together.  Holidays are a time of joy and rn togetherness and can be expressed through holiday poems.rn

rn Holidays can often be a stressful time as rn well.  There are holiday poems that vent one’s rn frustrations about family and friends or unfortunately rn lack there of and many are only greeted by loneliness rn during the holidays and memories of lost love ones and rn depression seeks in.  Holiday poems spread across a rn broad range of means and themes and make for a unique rn form of poetry.rn

Holidays - Family and Friends
rn Everybody has some type of feelings when it comes to the holiday season and feelings are the fuel that leads to good poetry. Holidays mean time spent with family and friends; the most important people in your life. Alternatively, they could be a time when you begin to reflect on why you don't have the family or friends you wish for, to share the holidays with.

Holiday Memories
rn Do you have happy memories of the holiday and Christmas season or sad memories? Happy poems, rn sad poems, Christmas poems, rn poems about family and friends, whatever feelings the holidays arise in you, we invite you share your feelings with us through poetry.

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