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How Lucky Am I?

How Lucky Am I?

How lucky am I?
To have found a great friend, such a wonderful guy.
Who can bring me no worries and no hate at all.
Someone who can help me, guide me, catch me whenever I fall.

How lucky am I?
To have a friend who always will care,
Someone I can count on, someone that’ll always be there.

How lucky am I?
To have known someone who knew you,
And end up finding out you’re someone I can tell my dark secrets to.

How lucky am I?
To be the person to tell you, your words can make anyone’s soul fly.
— You said keep yo’ head up And I swear I will.

Just letting you know I THANK YOU
for being such a great person and friend.
I will cherish your words deeply in my heart forever–

— Melanie A. Munguia

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