Funny Poems

These Funny Poems combine humor, wit and wisdom to make you smile and laugh. Enjoy! rn Funny poems such as limericks evoke laughter, which encompasses rn happiness.  They provide a variety of wit to it that rn conventional writing styles would not permit.  Comical relief is rn always good and sets one in a good mood.  There is an endless rn array of inspirational humorous poems to be put into writing.rn

One of the most common forms of funny rn poetry is the limerick.  The rn history of the limerick is rn dubious but best found its start in 14th century rn England as short humorous lyrics rn in pubs.  Shakespeare often used them in his works to add a bit rn of wit.  They were popularized in the Victorian age as rn nonsensical funny children poetry but also shared other major rn themes, such as:  love poems, rn drinking songs, poems of national affair, and satires on public rn figures. rn

Imagery in funny poems will hit the right rn cord.  They have a keen awareness of its separate elements and rn being able to give them out in just the right measurements.  rn Humorous stories are able to replace the natural arc of stories rn the reader is used to receiving a certain way to have a pleasant rn laugh.rn Feeling down, depressed, or overwhelmed?  What better remedy than a good laugh?  What is the risk?  The only symptoms are a smile on your face and if it is a good laugh a stomach pain and tears from joy.  Funny poems, such as rn limericks, are a great therapeutic method of taking off some of the stresses of life.  Laughter is a common language that all can identify with; it is a language that spans beyond words.  With funny poems as the bait you can use the powerful and pervasive energy of laughter to bring people together.  To have funny poems makes life more enjoyable and helps people of all languages speak the same language of laughter.  So delve in some great funny poems and have yourself a giggly drink of laughter of some creative and funny poetry rn

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