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I Am

I Am

I am cold and dark,
In black holes, I embark.
I wonder what’s on the other side,
In eternal darkness, I reside.

I hear the grimm ripper,
A chilling whisper,
I see dead people,
Like a haunting steeple.

I want warmth,
I crave its comfort and stealth,
Yet with my presence so stark,
I remain cold and dark.

I pretend I am not here,
A notion so sincere,
I feel invisible,
In a world so divisible.

I touch everything,
Like a lonely king,
I worry too much,
In solitude’s icy clutch.

I cry for my soul,
For wholeness, my ultimate goal,
Yet in the mirror’s reflection,
I find only my cold and dark projection.

I understand science is a waste,
In the Gods, my trust is placed,
I say they rule,
In their divine school.

I dream of romance,
A fleeting, whimsical dance,
I try hard to decipher,
The difference between right and wrong, as a lifter.

I hope for sanity,
Despite life’s vanity,
Yet the truth cannot be masked,
I am cold and dark until the last.

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