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I’m Different

I'm Different

I maybe poor as you can see,
Am not as pretty as those I meet.
My clothes are old and am in need,
My feet are bare and sometime bleed.
My hair is nappy, I have no perm,
My job is hard sweat fills my brows.
The pay is small, can’t feed us all,
But I know a man who answers my calls.

This winter was long, I lost my heat,
My children are young, we have no meat.
My husband is gone but not from this earth,
My heart is heavy, sometimes I thirst.
The world has turned it’s back on us,
They wait in vain for the blowing of my dust.
My love for him has never changed,
I know a man who’s in charge of all things.

To be so poor and with multiple needs,
I know one day he will answer my plea.
Am blessed beyond what you can see,
My God has given me all my needs.

So don’t look down on poor little me,
My God in heaven has set me free.
He’s lifted me off of my bending knees,
And showered me with blessings only I can see.

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