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People walk into our lives every day,
We never know what the next day might bring,
But only a few special ones leave a lasting mark,
They light up our lives and make us want to sing.

I am fortunate enough to have met one of those people,
She puts a smile on my face,
When I’m with her I’m so incredibly happy,
In her presence any bad day is quickly erased.

She is the type of woman you bring home to meet your family,
Her personality is one of a kind,
I get all giddy every time I thing about her,
A woman like her only comes along once in a lifetime.

I love to cuddle up in the chair with her,
There is no other place that I would rather be,
Holding her tightly wrapped in my arms,
As we stair intently at the Christmas tree.

It’s funny how quickly love can take us,
Twist us up like a pretzel inside,
Take all of our hopes and dreams,
And make them all seem to come alive.

It’s this love that makes me compose again,
And so I write this poem as a dedication,
As my way of saying thanks,
For this woman that has been my inspiration.

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