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Is It Too Much To Ask?

Is It Too Much To Ask?

Non-caloric, salty but sweet,
Full of nutrition that’s a neat treat.
Low in carbs, high in fiber,
Comfortably digested, no diet disturber.

Easily peeled wrapper,
No need to refrigerate
Squelches the pangs of hunger,
In satiety, it would participate.

Lowers cholesterol; relieves stress,
Like a supportive friendly express
Satisfies like chocolate,
Nourishes like oatmeal intact.

Suppresses appetite,
Mildly diuretic.
Energy booster,
Scrumptiously authentic.

Aid to elimination,
Inexpensive; readily available.
Healthy, tasty, addictive,
Indulgently capable.

What a perfect world lacks,
The All American perfect snack.
This is the poem to unpack.

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