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Lonely Am I

Lonely Am I

Sitting here all alone,
In vast silence, not a tone,
Around me nothing, but the deep quiet ocean, serene,
Then suddenly, I hear a voice, as yet unseen.

I look around but find no one near,
Is it the voice of the waves or of my imagination, I fear?
No, the whispering grows more into my ears,
Only the last three words, amidst my fears.

Suddenly, my solitude is no more,
I can feel your presence, from the shore.
I reach out to touch, to confirm you’re here,
You’re not in form, but the voice, the voice is clear.

The whispers persist, as if you’re near,
Not your physique, but your spirit, it’s clear.
Surrounding me, from sides, all around,
Making sure I’m not alone, in love, I’m bound.

The words continue to whisper, to coo,
Echoing in the silence, saying: I love you.

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