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Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

“On a Sunday morning, you went to
The Lord’s Arms.
He comforted you and blessed you
With a beautiful smile.

At the gate of the heavenly kingdom
Immediately you arrived.
A chorus of angelic voices singing
Welcoming chants.

A group of unfamiliar faces,
Praising the Lord for your presence.
Anxious to embrace in their arms
The most beautiful of angels.

A child, precious treasure of
Human kind.
The purity of his spirit
The innocence of his heart

On earth, a mother’s life torn apart.
She stayed with empty arms.
She kept a broken heart.
Just memories of what life was,
Sorrow for what life shall not bring.

Dear Lord, what have you done to me
By calling my son to thee?
I love my son,
I need his hugs,
His sweet smile,
His absolute love.

Oh, my child, please do not cry.
Your son is safe with me
In eternity he shall live.

Remember your son was mine,
Before I gave him to thee.
For I chose you to care for my angel
For seven years and endlessly.

Together you will still be,
For all the years to come
As I know, you hold him dearly
In your heart and in your thoughts

Do not worry, the day will come,
When you meet again your son,
For I, the Lord, sent to you,
My son Jesus and his cross.

My child, always remember I
Cherish you

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