Love Poetry- Read Romantic Love Poetry

This love quote explains the rn influence of love on us all, “You will never know true happiness rn until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what rn pain really is until you have lost it.”  Love is a powerful and rn mysterious sentiment that no one can truly grasp in thought, rn never the less in words.  Love sonnets, Limericks, and other stylistic rn poetic diction try to grip what love is.  Many Romantic poems are used in rn rhetoric, drama, song, and in comedies.  Love poems are found in rn many classics in such epic poems like the Odyssey and sad love poems come from rn romantic works with symbolism and irony in the romantic rnrnpoetry, underlining rn with love poetry as its foundation.rn Filtering emotions into words to create love poems truly rn is an art.  Romantic poems from rn the heart can reveal the mysteries that lie within and express rn the best love around.  Love has served as a foundation for poems rn for centuries. rn rn

Love Poetry has left a profound mark rn on literary history with many great works.  rn Shakespearian love sonnets can pierce the heart and rn radiates the feelings of love in the air.  From the sad rn love story of Hadrian and Antinous to the romance drama rn that is scattered throughout the epic poem, The Odyssey, rn love poetry has been a major part of great works.rn

The great part of love poems are a rn contrivance to express one’s love for another freely without any rn barriers to one’s artistic writing and can be much more rn personable that a simple “I love you."  Let the emotions flow rn through your pen and create the romantic poems to unravel your rn love and to make a beautifully displayed piece of art.rn

Love poems and romantic poems are by far the most popular category of poetry submitted to the our rn Free Poetry Contest. And don't forget to visit rnrnour Valentines Day Poems page.rn rn What better medium is there to write about love rnrnthen poetry?
The very essence of poetry is expressing with a few words, colossal rnrnemotions. Love is such an overwhelming and confusing emotion. The whole world seems to revolve around love. rnrnEveryone is searching for love. Yet how many can say they found love and kept it? Love is so beautiful when rnrnuntainted. Yet, it can cause so much pain and suffering when mistreated. We have many sad love poems for you to read as well.rn Turbulent Emotions
Poetry about love and romance display some of the often rnrnoverwhelming and confusing feelings that are unavoidable when you open yourself up to the vulnerability of love. rnrnVast emotions are compressed into a few short lines of poetry.rn rn Write Love Poetry!
We invite you to enter your love poetry in our free poetry contest. rnrnTake on the challenge of choosing the right words, the imaginative juggling of syntax, the feel for style, which rnrncombine to let your readers feel the raging emotions that you have now formed into a work of art; poetry. rnrn

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