Best Love Poems

Some of the best love poems can be the most treasured gift to give to another, as the love quote by Frank Sinatra goes, “A simple I love you means more than money…” exemplifies the reality that love poetry is valued highly.  Romanticism of the late 18th and 19th century revolved around classic literary love poetry.  Romantic poems with vivid imagery of the body and spirit between two lovers can leave the reader enamored by the idealism of Romanticism.


From a broad range of poetry, from lost love poems to I love you poems, love poems allow a beautiful story to share with others.  Here we have carefully selected some of our best love poems we have received from talented individuals that generously submitted their works to share with others involved in the world of poetry.


Family poetry shares memories and stories with the ones closest to you. Family poems can also preserve the memory of lost loved ones and keep them alive in writing. Read poems about family that bind the writer and his or her family together through the good times and also through the tougher times.

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