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love’s Sad Song

love's Sad Song

Tears I cry in this endless dream,
Pain I feel flows like a waterfall into the river’s stream.
I hear the tune of sorrow and despair,
Forever alone in this dark place, love does not live there.

Love quit me, I did not quit him,
Memories of sweet moments and what could have been.
He sung this song as he walked towards the door,
“I don’t want to know you or see you anymore.”

I cried and pleaded and asked “Was it me?”
He said, ” you and I were just not meant to be.”
He left me alone with rage, anger, and pain.
How could something so sweet be so vain?

“Don’t cry my dear we can still be friends.”
I let out a sigh and told him that this is the end.
At that exact moment I felt as is I wanted to die,
Because everything he ever told me was a lie.

Pieces of my heart began to shatter even more,
As I saw him walk out the door.
Don’t know where to start or where to began.
To pick up the pieces so my heart can mend.

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