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Making Memories

Making Memories

I’ve been around the world, observe I can,
The expansive Grand Canyon’s serene span.
The towering Pyramids, a majestic sight,
The lonely Eiffel Tower, standing with all its might.

Through the exotic Rainforest, where secrets lie,
To my very own backyard, under a cobalt sky.
A comfort, an encourager, in your hand I stay,
As we journey together, where no one else may.

The single passenger, forgotten not,
Capturing magic in every picturesque spot.
Great, fantastic, magical things I seize,
Stockpiling them deep within me with the greatest ease.

I produce memories, hoard them too,
For you to hunt out, when feeling blue.
Dropped, sat on, stroked by little fingers,
Sticky, yet unwavering, my service lingers.

In all, everything and more, you ask of me,
I comply, with joy, at your plea.
And if ever, you chance to misplace me,
When unearthed, a joyous reunion it would be.

Your old memories I can deftly erase,
As you, around your neck, new ones lace.
For I am worn, like a jewel so fine,
A luxury adorning, this slender neck of thine.

What am I, you ask, with excited rapture,
I am but a humble Camera, your moments to capture.

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