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Marty’s Adventure

Marty's Adventure

An Irish pub, the place to be,
For a couple drinks, just you and me.
“Please, one more round, oh kind sir,”
A little more, I’ll be drunk for sure.

Later my head begins to spin,
With thoughts of puking, where’s the trash bin.
Remaining to gander at a fine sight,
That honey there, man she’s just right.

She wasn’t refusing my charming sway,
I reassured her I’d cause no dismay.
Looking so good, could have given a speech,
Offered tribute, a cocktail – Sex on the Beach.

One drink turned to two, then two to three,
Hormones flying high, we roared free.
Left the pub in a hurried spree,
In the car, feeling worry free.

Took her to my suave bachelor pad,
Woke with the dawn…Oh it was quite bad.
Here’s some advice: avoid a boozy spree,
Or you might wake up with someone like Marty!

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