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My Grandmother The Angel

My Grandmother The Angel

Since I was a baby, You took care of me.
Now I’m almost thirty, and your baby, I still be.
I’m older and wiser, and busy as a bee,
But there is no excuse for my forgetfulness of thee.

Your birthday passed by me, And I’m sorry as can be,
You’re very special, and you always will be.
If it wasn’t for you, who knows where I’d be,
Today, I look around me, and everything I see.

I have because of the things you taught to me.
I look at myself, and guess what I see
Part of you Grandmother, the better part of me.
I know that it’s late, but this is my birthday blessing to thee…

God made angels among all of us.
You, My Grammy, was one that he touched.
And he gave you me, when I was lost.
You gave me a home, and loved me a lot.

Somehow you did it, even when it was tough.
You raised me as yours, you gave up a lot.
Now I’m all grown up, and I like looking back.
To the times we spent together, remember how we laughed.

God made you special, you did all the rest.
My Grandmother the Angel, you’re one of the best.
April 12, 1987

With Love, Your Granddaughter, Valerie.

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