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My Jessica Faith

My Jessica Faith

My sweet love, Fiber of my being,
Eternal ray of sunshine, Heaven sent beacon of beauty,
Ye of heartwarming smile, And laughter contagious,
Brilliance simplified, extraordinaire,
Hear me, see me, feel me, and never let ye doubt.

Our eyes meet, the gaze cannot be broken,
Our hearts beat, in perfect coordination,
Our bodies merge, sweet scent of stimulation,
Our minds meld, drunken by our soul immersion,
Our souls bleed, till our coagulation.
As one, we rejoice, Inventing our religions,
Born of whispers, the new rendition
Plays on and on and on and on…

The song remains the same, sweet Jessica,
As we heard from afar, and now upon our pillows,
From my rib to my arms,
You are in every cell,
Every molecule,
Every atom…
We share the elements purest form,
Thus rendering my love for you,
As my one most selfish act…

The gods speak,
Hear ye all the wise ones,
Oblivious to those who set all the fires,
Yet try as they must, and try, as they will,
They cannot shake the mountain
That will never crumble to the sea.
Herald the story, of you and me.
Written in the book, is one simple phrase, Amor Vincit Om

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