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My Love For You

My Love For You

It may seem that love is nothing but a game,
But ever since we got together, I’ve not been the same.
I love you so, all I think of is you,
If you were to die, I would have to die too.

When my mom died, I swore off love for another girl,
But you gave love a new meaning, a reason to stay in this world.
It seems like me and you were meant to be together,
Despite crazy things I do that sometimes make you feel under the weather.

They say love is like a solar eclipse, it comes once in a lifetime,
But if this is true, then you will always be mine.
I used to pray every night, for a love I can show,
Never thinking that your love would have me hung so low.

But love is love, and this is how it comes, this is it,
I want you to know, no matter what, our love will never quit.

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