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My Roots

My Roots

The ocean, my depth and weightlessness,
The yin to my world,
Keeping me free and unsettled.
I will not be the stationed corals,
But swimming freely.

The earth, from which I am a tree, reaching far to the heavens,
Unstoppable, rich, heightened.
I breath freely above all,
My roots sink deeply into,
I am steady, strong.

You my love, to all this makes sense.
You are the water in my ocean,
Keeping me blithe and eccentric.
Pulling my heart out with your waves,
The soil of my earth where my roots tightly anchor,
And my heart finally stays.

You raise my branches,
Higher to the skies,
I am balanced.
Stable between heaven and earth,
And I need no more.

That is why I love you.

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