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My Special Mother

My Special Mother

Mothers Day

No time to rest, no time to play.
Mommy has to go to work today.
She works two jobs, to pick up the slack,
But gives more love, so that it’s never lacked.

Sacrifices have been made, but she has no regrets,
But you growing up alone, is what she really frets.
Don’t worry about dad, he chose to leave,
Use mommy’s shoulder when you cry and grieve.

She can wrap her arms around you, and kiss away your tears,
She can butter you on up, so you may forget your fears.
Her touch so soft, her voice so sweet,
I can’t wait until once again we meet.

I miss her so, I wish she were here,
Because the distance I can no longer bear.
I love you mom, with all of my heart,
And without you, our family would have fell apart.

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