Nature Poetry

Nature at its best described through POETRY!rn

John Muir rn understood the majestic quality of nature in poetry, “I only rn went out for a walk and finally

Nature at its best described through POETRY!

John Muir understood the majestic quality of nature in poetry, “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, I was really going in."  In life’s constant drama and movement it is hard to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature but through nature poems imagery flows from the pages into our soul.  Nature poetry is known for its quality of bringing one’s mind and spirit closer to reality and makes us stop and appreciate life itself.  Life poetry forces us to introspect into our being and better understand ourselves as individuals in the broader spectrum of events of the world and in humanity in nature.  Love poems bring the natural need for love and companionship.  Inspirational poems will sometimes use lessons that nature gives us to learn about life.  Nature poems enlighten us to our inner most souls and natural being and illuminate us to what nature has to offer…life.

Nature Poetry:
The poetry you will find here reflects on the beauty and power of nature. Poems about the destruction of Hurricanes and Tsunamis, the wonder of the seasons, the joys of observing wild animals in their natural habitat. Sunrise and sunset, the sun and the moon, the decay of Fall, the rebirth of Spring, the long days of Summer, the snow covered world of Winter.

Touched by Nature:
The writers of these poems all have accomplished the unusual. They have stopped to notice what we tend to ignore. They have stopped to smell the roses, and the smell has changed them. Nature is happening all around us, it begs to be described in prose and poetry. These poets have shared with us how nature has touched them.

Has nature touched you?
When was the last time that you watched a sunset or reveled in the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us? Perhaps you also have the talent to write a poem about nature. Take a moment to look around you. Open yourself up and appreciate what a beautiful world we live in. Then take a pen and write your feelings down on paper.





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