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Feelings rush inside of me,
Ripping my soul apart, wanting to be,

Someone, somebody,
But I’m still nobody.

Days, minutes, seconds tick by,
Ready to reach the clouds and fly.

Looking up, calling, pleading for a call,
That never comes, I bend my knees and slowly fall.

Tears cloud in my eyes, making their way down,
People stare, say nothing, but smile with a frown.

Voices scream in my head, my heart aches to run and find,
A place, somewhere where I wouldn’t be left behind.

Who am I? I call out to the sea,
Asking, in vain, about where I can find my destiny.

Dear God, I pray, would you please help me bear?
But I still don’t sense any sign that He would care.

I wonder how I would get by through another day,
Without feeling so far away.

Jesus, a voice whispers quietly into the night,
I turn my head to look, but it vanishes, like light.

Alone and confused I stare at the sky,
Then, softly, like the wind, comes the reply.

That only Jesus would help me see,
The true person living inside of me.

And even though I think I’m a nobody,
I know that in God’s eyes, I’m somebody.

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