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One Person…

One Person...

‘It’s amazing how much one person can do,’

One person can save a nation,
One person can free a thousand captives.
One person can be the start of a thousand smiles,
And one person, generous enough to give.

One person has the power to build a city,
One person with the ability to say,
‘We deserve to have freedom and rights,
Our kids safe on the streets as they play.’

One person is our savior,
One person our hero,
One person is the one who stays,
Until the bomb says zero.

One person can rush into a burning building,
Save an injured woman and child.
One person can stand in the line of danger,
Then look at the rescued, and simply smile.

One person can change the fate,
Of another in dire distress.
While another can set in stone,
The great deeds of a success.

‘If one person can change the world,’
So dramatically with persistence.
Imagine then, if all tried a little,
Instead of taking the path of least resistance.

What if one smile became a thousand,
And one friendly greeting changed a life?
If everyone worked for a more peaceful world,
Could we diminish all this strife?

So, the next time you frown, consider this,
Or, at work, you’re being hostile.
Take a deep breath, face your boss,
And look them in the eye, with a smile.

Dedicated to my mother,
who taught me everything.

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