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Open The Door

Open The Door

If you’ve turned your back on the helpless, “Get out. Open the door.”
Look around. There is time. Stop! “Moving in a blocked corridor?”
If you do not offer a hand to the needy, “Get off. Open the door.”
Don’t shut yourself in loneliness. Sing!- “A tune or a heavy snore?”
If you have pointed the wrong direction “Get back. Open the door.”
Look for riches in happiness. Take – “A full house or an empty store?”

If you have given courage to the weak “Come on. Open the door.”
Strength from human hands is a “Golden coin on a wooden floor.”
If you have given hope to the fallen. “Come in. Open the door.”
Show him treasure pearls like “Christmas lights from a new décor”
If you have shared your dreams. “Welcome. Open the door.”
Life’s wisdom keep for the child like an “Old toy in new color.”

If you in hindsight accept my friendly hand
and if everyone does the same in our band;
If nobody sends the others any debtor letter,
we can change the world and make it better

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