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Open Your Truly Eyes

Open Your Truly Eyes

If you look into the mirror and open your eyes,
You’ll see each day your smile dies.
Cause with each day you begin to see,
That life isn’t what its meant to be.

We’re killing and cheating, lying and stealing,
Cursing, drinking, smoking, beating.
If this was what life was intended to be,
We’d all have black wings on the back of thee.

If life were meant to be this way,
The world would be black and the trees wouldn’t sway.
The wind would not caress our cheeks,
We wouldn’t have duties throughout each week.

But here we are, killing our souls,
Partying, mating, diminishing what’s whole.
We have too much fun poisoning our skins,
Although we understand it’s the only one we live in.

Maybe if we could open our eyes,
So many innocent people wouldn’t die.
Drunk driving, suicide, all these tragedies,
Should be enough for us to see.

If we open our eyes to all these facts,
Look back and see all the wrong chosen paths,
We can make our life what its meant to be,
When you can look in the mirror and be happy.

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