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Our Place My Home

Our Place My Home

I’m from the street with the wild roaming horses,
From the boulevard with the multicolor, never ending plants.
From where the rain falls the hardest.
Where the sun shines the brightest,
Whose rays touch each individual as a whole.

From the mountain covered with light snow.
From valleys wishing for the gift of hydro-hydroxide.
I am from a city bustling with different ethnicities,
From a bubble that protects me from the outside world
That is far more spacious than it seems.

I am from a lake that dries and shrivels
Just to give to others,
With a town buried underneath-
Its mystery hidden beneath tons of clear, fresh water.

I’m of a place offering choices aplenty.
From food to local shopping,
To a myriad of ways to spend precious time.
Unlimited in their extent,
In this place they call the Golden State.

Under the wings of my relatives, I grow and blossom.
Each one shaping who I am and who I will be.
I am of a family of twelve I see all the time,
And a family of ten that I see once a year.

I hail from those helpful people, loving and protective,
No matter how far away they are.
This is where I am from.
This is who I am.

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