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Past One

Past One

The unspoken truth about how I feel about you
I love you but hate you can’t tell which one is true
You brought the happiest moments of my life but also the worst
If the happy ones would have lasted my heart would have surely burst
The bad ones were dark and scary most of all
New experiences rushing at me, peer pressure is what its called
But I stood by my morals and didn’t give in
I think you still loved me but I was unsure then
So I ended it there thinking it was for the best
But instead it left me with a big hole in my chest
I missed you so much my one and only love
And when I left you I left myself cold there of
I would have done anything to get you back, whatever it would take
But I told myself no it would only end in heartbreak
But still to this day I sit here and wonder
If we will end up together and will I go under?

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