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I pray for my mother and father,
My sister and brothers, I place at the altar.

I pray for those who bear me hate,
And for all, I communicate.

I pray for happiness, pure and bright,
For loved ones and the hated ones, in day and night.

My faithful dog, in prayers is not left out,
I just pray, without a doubt.

24 hours, my prayers flow,
For Mirabel and Michael, I want them to grow.

For Aline and Ulysses, my prayers extend,
For Noe and Maria, as well, I send.

Who ever lived before me, they’re in my prayer,
My god, my deity, to you, I share.

For Carmen, lovingly called Pinky,
My prayers surround you simply.

For my love, pure and true,
And those unknown, I pray for you too.

I just pray, without cease,
And here’s my praying question, with peace.

Why are you not praying for me, I ask
In this prayerful duty, please share the task.

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