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Prayer’s Are The Stairs

Prayer's Are The Stairs

Prayers are the stairs we must climb every day,
If we wish to reach GOD, we must read and we must pray.
The Holy Bible, our guide, must always lay,
To know Him, we must pray, there’s no other way.

To learn about GOD and His loving plans,
Through prayer, we must try to understand.
For us, He unfolds His divine master plan,
Each day, on the stairs of prayer, we stand.

So bend your knees, bow your head, don’t sway,
Lift your hands up high, to almighty GOD, just pray.
For prayers are the stairs, they guide your way,
To meet Him, is the climber’s ultimate pay.

By Irene McCullum-Hines.

With every word remaining same,
In different format, poem has its claim,
Unchanged in sentiment, unnamed in game,
In heart and soul, it burns like flame.

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