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We “want” the praise but can’t make the effort,
A thirst for applause, yet we rest on our laurels.

We “want” close family but don’t have the time,
Yearn for love’s bonds, but hourglass declines.

We “want” a strong faith but can’t make a commitment,
Crave profound belief, but shy from the testament.

We “want” the love but have nothing to give,
Seek it with fervor, yet struggle to live.

We “want” to relax but won’t turn off the distractions,
Long for the calm, the peace, yet mobile attractions.

We “want” the skill but can’t find the time to practice,
Dream of being skilled, but idle in the attic.

We “want” the peace but continue to argue,
Hunger for tranquility, yet war of words continues.

We “want” these things but apparently not enough,
Desires run deep, but the going seems tough.

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