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Quiny And Quincy

Quiny And Quincy

Quiny and Quincy Is like a friend.
Kindness, thoughtfulness for they can.
Lovable, caring there Is no doubt.
I humbly say nothing compares.

Quiny and Quincy Is like a buddy.
Joyous days brighten to with them.
Share each other’s thoughts.
As convey things are Immeasurable.

Quiny and Quincy Is like a pal
Sometimes we argue but then we get a long In a few.
Helping one other to rise upon hindrances.
Vast eras cannot ease such marvelous memories.

Quiny and Quincy Is like an ally.
To have my sisters life Is a blessing.
For these reasons every single thing Is worthy.
I can love them until the end of time.

Happy Birthday my twin sisters

April 10, 2009

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