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By Anonymous

Playing, Laughing and joking around
We together made such a sound
Together always, two peas in a pod
Jumping and skipping and being a bit odd

I will always remember the sound of your voice
A sleepover? You were my first choice
Your jokes and faces created a smile
A smile that lasted quite awhile

From picnics to movies to walking the
To dancing and singing and jumping on logs
But slowly at first, and then very fast
Time was ticking, and it couldn't last.

Something was wrong, as told by your face
So I suddenly stopped, loosing my pace
What was that? I couldn't have heard'.
You were leaving? Quite absurd!

I didn't believe it, it couldn't have been
We knew each other from way back when!
Maybe it was destiny, we'll never know
But I do remember when you had to go

A final sleepover was in place, our very last
We played and danced, we had such a blast
Then they drove up to take you away
To a faraway place where night turned to day

Parting our ways, the time had now come,
Nervously I chomped down on my gum
Then when you left I gave out a cry
As I knew we had waved our final goodbye

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