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The Unknown Soldier


I peered over the hill of rock
And there I stood, in a state of shock
Bloody bodies scattered around the battlefield
From all this hatred, my mind will never be healed

My helmet was snug on tight
And I held on to my gun with all my might
I felt a wave of sweat and damp
I longed for a nice cool shower, back at the camp

There were gunshots in the distance
And shout of enemies being captured from resistance
But I was there, all alone
Dreaming of returning to my wife and kids, back at home

I wasn't meant to be a soldier, for I was a coward
I wasn't physically or mentally powered
I felt faint at the sight of anguish and blood
I was always stepped upon, right in the mud

I trembled and suddenly felt a chill crawl down my spine
I felt queasy and saw a blurry vision of my girls, one six, and the other, nine
And I reached to touch their faces
But when I grasped the illusion, they disappeared, without leaving any traces

So there I stood, hand still extended
Hoping my loneliness would soon be mended
And soon the war would come to an end
But now, this country's mistakes I must amend

But suddenly, I heard a snapping of a twig, a splashing of a puddle
Then abruptly coming back to life, I reached for my gun, all in a muddle
But I was too late
The pain, it came too quickly and so great

I looked down and felt the bloody gash
And then it all came to me in a flash
My two girls, the only reason I live
For them I would die, and give and give

Only this time they looked entirely sad
I wondered if they were really wanted to see a coward, their dad
They said 'Daddy, don't go, don't go!'
I said, with tears in my eyes, my voice quivering, ' Don't worry, babies, you'll miss daddy so-so'

So as I sank to my knees and fell to the ground
The voices of my girls were lost and would never be found
And as my face hit the soil, I thought how my life had begun and ended in such a blur
I guess that's how it is, being the unknown soldier.

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