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Reality Confused With A Dream

Reality Confused With A Dream

I’m not quite sure where to begin
It seems this pain it never ends

I met this guy and things were great
And I actually thought this must be fate

He seemed so perfect in every way
But to him it was just a game to play

I opened my heart and let him in
For once I thought I’m going to win

And now my heart, it needs some mending
Because all that time he was just pretending

But see, this guy, he has to stay
Because of this friendship we’ve built on each day

But only after the heartache and tears
I opened my eyes and things became clear

Because after all it actually was fate
I’m glad I realized before it was too late.

I wasn’t wrong we are meant to be
Best Friends, that is, and that’s how it should be

Reality confused with a dream
Is pretty much all it means

This kind of friendship is new to me
We have something special most people don’t see

Although we have fights and things aren’t perfect
In the end the troubles worth it

There’s not a secret in him I can’t confide
Because there’s never a part of me I feel I need to hide

This friend means the world to me, I hope he knows
Even though at times it may not show

So my friend if you’re reading I just want to say
Thank you so much for being here day after day

This may not be what I wanted in the beginning
But so much better and I hope never ending

When Amber said there’s a guy I want to meet you
I never dreamed this is what it would lead to

So I just want to thank you once again
Because after all you weren’t playing pretend

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