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Regret, regret – it’s looking back,
When the realization hits with a smack.
That more, oh more, you could have done,
But the chance now lost, forever gone.

Regret is when you finally know,
The mistake you made won’t simply go.
Robbing you of sleep and thought,
Regret, regret – it can’t be bought.

To look back on life, with nostalgia held tight,
Wishing for a day, oh to relive just a slight.
And remember that someone who meant it all,
A mistake made, a betrayal before the fall.

Meaningful moments, cherished yet blind,
Never realizing what you’ve left behind.
Regret, the silence, the words unsaid,
“I Love you,” echoes, in your head.

The path of life you tread again,
Fires of regret keep on the pain.
Powerless, hopeless wishing anew,
A chance to correct, a chance to undo.

Regret. A stern reminder, never kind,
To live life to the fullest, keep in mind.

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