Religious Poems and Spiritual Poems

Ancient Poetry - What is the meaning of life?
rn Spiritual and Religious turbulence were most likely the first medium in history for the writing of poetry. Possibly the first book of poems, and definitely the most widely read throughout history, is the Book of Psalms, written in part by King David. The Book of Psalms is filled with poetry in which David expresses his love, faith, sorrow and doubts to his creator. Man, from the earliest times has always searched for a deeper meaning to life and has used poetry to express these feelings.rn Spirituality - A uniting factor.
rn Continuing in this ancient tradition we offer you a forum where spiritual and religious feelings are shared in the form of poetry. Whatever religion or form of belief you are associated with; the yearning for a time when all of humanity can live in harmony, without suffering, is a vision that we can all unite under.rn Express your thoughts about Religion!
rn If you feel like expressing your thoughts about religion and spirituality through poetry, please go ahead and submit your best poem to us. Our editors will review each poem and post the best poems on our site for the benefit and reading enjoyment of our thousands of visitors.rn


Religious poems express one’s passion for a rn higher power and, and one’s faith is a wonderful gift.  For rn many, faith based living is very real in their lives and often rn times base entire concepts of how to live on their religiosity.  rn One will turn to proverbs, parables,rn inspirational poems, and rn quotes to give them the courage through life’s struggles and rn beat depression.rn

Religious writings and poetry help us rn travel through one’s spiritual journey, taking that which is rn unseen and transforming it into tangible thought, materialized rn into beautiful poems and inspirational works.  Such poetry rn expands one’s creative nature, drawing them closer to the rn divine.  Writing spiritual poems facilitate the connection many rn need to the divine and find oneness from within ourselves and rn with our faith too. rn

The inspiration of religious writings often rn times serve as reminders of reaffirmation of our beliefs and rn practices.  There are numerous religious poetic undertones rn throughout the Bible, Q’uran, and the Rigveda of Hinduism.  rn Religious poems are a great way for one to get in touch with rn that inner soul and higher power and help in all of life’s rn situations. rn rnrnrnrn

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