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This one I thought it was where the sidewalk ends
But it was where I found my journey about to begin
My dark skies cleared and the sun came in
I’ve taken my first step on the road and I’m headed down the bend

The gravel makes it hard to walk
And to stay in a perfectly straight line
But I do my best and watch my step
I know I’ll improve as time goes by

It is a road they call less traveled
Or is it more like one not survived
For I found so many have been here already
And I wonder if I will come out alive

Like most roads, it has sharp turns
And It’s sometimes all uphill
But no matter how much it hurts and it burns
I’ll keep walking down this road still

The smell of the roses and the heat of the sweet sunshine
Where am I exactly, it feels like I’m walking on cloud nine
I just let it all embrace me for the road may change with time
It could curve and swerve, you never know when it will start to wind

I have to take this step by step I know
I get no lights or flashing signs
I guess I will know which way to go
Hoping that my intuition will steer me right

So now, I’m headed down this road I’ve chosen
Not knowing where I’m going yet
The sky turns a hundred different colors
And the sun slowly begins to set

So for the

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